William S. Chick, P.C.

Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Lawyer

       My law practice focuses almost exclusively on Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, and Criminal Defense cases.
       Personal Injury cases involve situations where someone has been injured because of someone else’s negligence.  Traffic collisions are the most frequent cases, but there are many other kinds of injury events that require experienced legal advice. 
        Wrongful death cases are personal injury cases where there has been a loss of life due to the negligent conduct of someone else. 
       Criminal Defense cases include drunk driving, other kinds of criminal traffic charges, and cases where someone has been charged with a criminal offence, misdemeanors or felony.
      As a Sole Practitioner, I can personally guarantee that the utmost personal attention and professionalism are given to every case.   I will use my 40+ years of experience to obtain the best possible outcome for each case, big or small.  

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Proudly providing Arizona with legal services for over 40 years!

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